Flashlight DVR


This user guide will show you how to fix and use this product In details. It contains fix and operate method, attention Matters and specification. In order to have a whole Understanding and normal use, do please read carefully.

  The following safety precautions should be observed

  • Do not use chemical solvents or cleaners to clean this product as this may affect the finish Use only a slightly damp cloth to clean the product.
  • Use only the mains adapter or car adapter supplied with this product to charge the battery. Using a charger not recommended by the manufacturer may seriously damage the product.
  • Do not attempt to disassemble the product yourself. There are no user serviceable parts inside this product.
  • This product uses rechargeable batteries that can be recharged upto 500 times. When they eventually fail they should be disposed of sensibly as recommended by your local authorities.
  • Do not shine the light directly into anyone's eyes.
  • Transfer images and video to a host computer as soon as possible to avoid losing your data.

Warning:This product is forbidden to use in the illegal places. We assure no responsibility for damages or penalties incurred resulting from the unauthorized use of the product.

  Approval Information

This user guide will show you how to fix and use this product All our products meet the requirements of approval FCC&CE, And are granted the FCC or CE certification.


Power station, Oil, Machinery, Petrochemical, Gas Maintenances, Troops, Policies and industrial and mining etc. is efficient and practical security, petrol, inspection equipment.

  The Feature

  • Multi-purpose function: with lighting, camera, snapshot, recording, disk, all in one.
  • The max explosion-proof rating can place the safe use of flammable and explosive.
  • 4 GB capacity memory, Support for all day the video camera, USB Connection
  • The flashlight used 3 pcs. CREE O3 LED light, there has three kinds of adjustable brightness (Max/Low blinking), up to 10million hours; Reflector with high tech surface crocodile skin aluminum reflector cup. Reflective high efficiency; Tempered glass lens; the illumination distance exceeds 200 meters.
  • Battery of rechargeable lithium, large capacity, If the battery is full, can use 4 hours with flashlight only, 10 hours with recording only.
  • Hardness magnesium alloy casing, water-proof; use for a variety of harsh environmental conditions.
  • The gray of out looking appearance, light oxidation,in-depth anti-skid treatment, easy to carry.

  The Function

  • Three buttons for flashlight surfaces: FL, DV,DC.
  • FL button is flashlight power button, press FL button the light will turn on, press again then turn off, there is max/low/blinking to caption, press lightly FL button to change. The light mode: Max-low-blinking.
  • DV button: Turn on/off for the video, it is turn on, long press about 3 seconds, the yellow indicator light will turn on: it is standby mode for recording, then press video button, the indicator light will flash means recording video, and then press video, it is off.
  • DC button; must be used after DV button turned on, Press DC button once, the indicator light turns red, camera will be standby mode, Press once again, the indicator will flash once from red to orange, means take one photo. If press DC button when recording, the recording will stop and save file, then will be snapshot mode.
  • Flashlight comes with audio record function. There is a MIC in head of the flashlight that hidden by a black rubber ring. The ring can be turned to align its small hole to MIC, then the voice can be record.
  • Date-time update: create a new 'time.txt' file by root of the storage, and write the correct data and time in this file. With the correct format 2009.07.21 11:03:30, and save the file, the system will read it. Next time after recording the right time will in all video.
  • Both Recording and photo shoot are fixed-focus. The field of view is 62 degree
  • Camera function low battery warning: When the battery is low battery (red light flashing), can't turn on the camera, and need to recharge the battery, then remove the battery compartment, cover the charge cap and use the power supply to recharge. When the battery recharging, the indicator light on the power supply is red, will turns green when the battery is full. The battery can be fully recharged 4hours.
  • LED light low battery warning: when the battery is low battery, LED light will flash 5 times, about 20 seconds will turn off, now the battery needs charging. Battery recharge method is same as the above item 8.
  • Camera flashlight through the USB connector for uploading or downloading data; It also is with reset switch, When it doesn't working, press the reset switch to resume normal usage.


  • Light Power Rated: 9W
  • LED Operation Life 1000000hrs
  • Lumen:400 lumen (strong LED light)
  • Color Temperature: 6500k
  • Battery Charger time: 4hours
  • Battery Life:>= 500 times
  • Battery Capacity: 3800 mAh--4000 mAh
  • Input Voltage:8.4V
  • Battery run time: 4hours FLashlight only, lOhours recording only.
  • Battery Type: Rechargeable Li-Battery
  • Standard Memory: 4GB
  • Video Format: AVI
  • Pic Format JPEG
  • FPS: >25fps
  • Play Software: Operation system own function or some popular play software
  • DV Resolution: 300k Pix (VGA)
  • Support System: 98SE/Windows me/2000/xp/vista
  • Pic Pixel: 3001k Pix
  • Pic: Automatic Exposure and balance the light
  • Audio: Built-in MIC
  • Connection Type: USB 1.1
  • Water-proof Level: IP65
  • Size: (260 x 62 x 36mm
  • Weight: 660g(with battery), 500g(without battery)


  • Flashlight DVR Recorder X 1
  • Rechargeable Li-Battery X 2
  • USB Cable X 1
  • Charger X 1
  • Battery Compartment cover X 1
  • USB Manual X 1


Products can't power on? Please ensure battery power is full.
Can't connect to a PC and down load Images or video Check USB cable connection with computer, this product uses standard 5piri USB cable, you can also replace the USB cable and re-connect.
Camera can't record. Please open the LED light, ¡f the LED lights can be used, the DV key can be used,too.lf it is still can not be used,pls test after recharge .lf there are questions. please contact the factory or place of purchase.
Video without sound Microphone is Located inside the rubber ring Which is at the forehead of the flashlight, ensure