Codelocks Cabinet Lock CL1000

For Cupboards, Cabinets and Lockers

The Cabinet Lock has been designed as a cost effective, easy and quick retrofit for cam locks supplied as standard on a wide range of lockers, cabinets and cupboards. It can just as easily be fitted to lockers or cabinets, which don’t have a locking device already fitted, giving the user immediate, simple, keypad access without the hassle of keys!

Fitting could not be easier, simply remove existing cam lock, drill a 6mm (1/4”) hole for the upper fixing bolt, position the lock on the door and secure with the fixing nut and upper bolt. Select and fit the appropriate cam, job done!

The Cabinet Lock can also be fitted to cupboards or similar enclosures that do not have a cam fitted by simply drilling the upper fixing hole and 16mm (5/8”) hole for the spindle, giving immediate access control.

  • 10-button keypad
  • User Codes are 4 digits long
  • Master and Sub-Master Codes are 8 digits long
  • Repeat code mode
  • Single use code mode (locker mode)
  • 15,000 openings from 2 x AAA cells (supplied)
  • Easy to fit in a matter of minutes
  • All parts/fixings/template included
  • Quick retrofit for cam locks
  • Fit to units that do not have an existing lock
  • Easy programming and code change
  • IP 54 Rated when used in conjunction with CL1000 door gasket – available separately
  • CL1000 is also available in horizontal right hand and left hand models
  • Battery failure override
  • Colour options available

Technical Specifications

Power 2 x 1.5v AAA cells
Operations 15,000 openings
Low battery The lock will signal low battery to the user via the red LED flashing. The lock will open 100 more times after this signal is initiated. The non-volatile memory retains settings when batteries are changed.

Battery failure override
The Cabinet Locks have been designed so a PP3 battery can be placed against the external contacts and using Master Code to gain entry.

External dimensions
Length 136mm (5 3/8") x width 32mm
(1 1/4") x depth 30mm (1 3/16") to top of handle.


Colour options

Material Zinc Alloy
Buttons Dual epoxy coated buttons
Cam fixing point 8mm (5/16”) square
Door thickness CL1004 - 6mm (1/4”) or less
  CL1005 - 12mm (1/2”) or less
Standard CL1006 - 19mm (3/4”) or less
  CL1007 - 25mm (1”) or less
Finish Silver Grey
IP rating IP54 (when fitted with optional gasket)

For internal use


Programming Information
The Cabinet Lock has four code levels available:

  1. Master Code
  2. Sub-Master Code
  3. User Code
  4. Technician Code

The Cabinet Lock is supplied with two factory set codes:

Master Code: 11 33 55 77

User Code: 22 44

  • When fitted immediately change the Master Code and User Code.
  • All Master Codes and Sub-Master Codes are 8 digits long – 100,000,000 code permutations.
  • All User Codes are 4 digits long – 10,000 possible code permutations.
  • The lock ‘open’ time is set at 4 seconds.


Before programming select the most appropriate function for the application.

A) Repeat code mode
Important Note: This is the default function and is already pre-programmed in new locks. This is the most common function and is used where the same code will be repeatedly used.

B) Single use code mode (locker mode)
The User enters a single use code which will lock and then open the lock once only and then be erased. This function is used for short term, multi occupancy applications e.g. a locker in leisure centre. The lock will now remain open until the next single use code is entered into the lock.


Note: The Cabinet Lock has a 10 button keypad and a #. The # is used when programming and is found behind the handle.

The lock has the following code levels:

Master Code can:

  • Open the lock
  • Change the Master Code
  • Set / Change / Delete the Sub-Master and User Code
  • Select between repeated use and single use codes
  • Restrict the lock time

Sub-Master Code can:

  • Open the lock
  • Change the Sub-Master
  • Set / Change / Delete the User Code

User Code can:

  • Open the lock
  • Change the User Code
  • A same code cannot be programmed into more than one level

Technician Code can:

  • Open the lock without erasing User Code